The National Driving Test is coming

With Transport Canada announcing that 2011 would be the National Year of Road Safety, Young Drivers of Canada wanted to get involved and bring special focus to distracted driving.

YD looked back at the interactive National Driving Test we helped create back in the 1980’s for tv. At that time, this series of National Tests garnered ratings of between 1.5 and 2 million viewers on CTV.

We wanted to create the first online National Driving test. We did and it is coming…..To make this happen, our team traveled to Aurora last summer and had 6 average, every day drivers, ranging in ages from 17 to 61 drive a pre-determined route. Video coverage both inside and outside of the “hot” vehicle was extensive from no fewer than 6 cameras. Each driver was accompanied by a senior Young Drivers driver trainer along their route.

Here is a sneak peek at stills from The National Driving Test – Canada’s interactive online video competition that will engage Canadians to easily test their driving skills and learn how safe a driver they really are.

Want to see the video? Check it out here

Can’t wait! LAUNCH NEXT WEEK!!!!! Stay tuned…………….

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