Canada’s 1st Online National Driving Test

Are you a safe driver? Here’s your chance to find out Canada!

Put Your Driving Skills to the Test

So how is your memory? Your attention to detail? Are you a risk taker? The National Driving Test will help you flex your key cognitive skills related to driving and you will have a chance to try out the CogniFit divided attention task in each episode of this series. Keeping your brain sharp is important in keeping you safe behind the wheel.

Yesterday my friend said to me, I’m not a “young driver” so is this really for me? Two short answers – yes & definitely. This program is interactive and the every day drivers in the series range in ages from 17-61 but there is no age limit here. If you are a driver, you should definitely check it out and pass it on to see if your score is better than your kids, friends, parents, co-workers – well, you get the idea!

There are safety tips provided as well on the best way to respond to the common road scenarios you will be watching. So the program is not only fun but you will also get valuable info too.

Assess the risk you see in the videos online and choose the source of the risk – both of which are important when you are in a real driving situation.

Take the test for a spin here:

Good luck and let me know what you think…

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