Think Clearly: The facts about Drinking and Driving

If you plan on drinking everything green this St. Patty’s day, think ahead and designate a driver.  We’ve heard it before – don’t drink and drive.  There’s a lot out there about impaired driving but a one-stop shop, THE go-to resource, myths uncovered, answers to the questions you always wanted to ask and more   – it’s all available here

Talking about impaired driving is an important conversation to have.  I hope you will learn more about the facts and share the messaging.  Instead of reciting an old slogan, each person can change the conversation.

Here’s some good news to celebrate this holiday.  Today, 81% of licensed drivers never drive after drinking.  The bad news –  more than 30% of road deaths continue to be alcohol-related.

Think all drunk drivers are the same?  Are you sure that lots of people drink and drive?  Change the conversation in your community and learn what’s a misconception and what’s a truth.

Don’t rely on luck and four leaf clovers to get you home safely.  Raise your glasses to facts.  Designate a driver or call a cab.  Cheers.

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