Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas

The prices at the pumps show no sign of letting up and this is having a big impact on Canadian families.

There is a way to help drive down the impact of Canada’s high gasoline prices.  Drivers can empower themselves to change the two main factors that affect fuel consumption: their driving style and how they maintain their vehicle.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to help  drivers  save:

1. Check your tire pressure at least once a month.  Tire pressure fluctuates with the outside temperature.

2. Idling your engine more than 10 seconds wastes fuel.* Turn off the engine, unless you are at risk of collision.

3. Avoid heavy acceleration and heavy braking as this style of driving uses up to 39% more fuel.*

4. In slower traffic, leave your windows down or use your vents.  For freeway driving, open windows create more drag so roll them up.

5. When parking, pull in and through parking spots.  Starting up forward uses less fuel.

Drivers have the ability to both do the planet some good and use more sense than cents by incorporating even a few of these tips into their drive.  If you Really want to go green, read some more tips here:

*Stats from Natural Resources Canada

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