We Chat What It Takes to Get a Drivers License

I had the pleasure of connecting with Dangerous Lee for Gimme Mo‘.  Gimme Mo’ is an online talk show created and executive produced by actress Monique Coleman dedicated to empowering today’s youth. Each episode features a compelling topic and talks about real teen issues and provides inspiration, resources and positive information.

So we chatted learning to drive and getting a drivers license.  We talked about this important right of passage for many teens, driving lessons and what a teen should think about before they get behind the wheel.

Read the full interview here and let me know what you think.

To find out more about driving classes, visit Young Drivers of Canada.

Take this FREE online Learner’s Practice test to help get you on your way to your driver license.


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2 responses to “We Chat What It Takes to Get a Drivers License

  1. philip

    Love the article, so true and important. As a New Yd Instructor I am excited to pass these skills on to students both new and experienced. Their faces light up with excitiment when they learn a new skill and gain the confidence to do something they have had trouble with or have never done in the past.
    Also like the cartoon. Saw a lady driving while talking on the phone in one hand and smoking in the other! She must have lived near Chernoble have a 3rd hand!

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