Driving School Lessons | Young Drivers teaches driving for a lifetime

Young Drivers of  Canada receives these amazing stories on a regular basis and we always love hearing from our YD students.  Our grad,  Scott Keller ,  shared his experience.  Read on and if you have a story to share, please do.   Knowing that our Young Drivers of Canada training saved his life, and maybe yours,  is what makes our jobs so worthwhile.

Scott’s Letter:

Sadly, we’ve heard far too often stories of ‘car crossed the median and hit head-on’…

Thanks to you, it ended different for me.

I took your course 22 years ago.  I was trained/taught by a fantastic man by the name of Dino Dibiasi.  (how do you forget a name like that?).

He, through Young Drivers of Canada, taught me how to handle a ‘crossover’, and thank goodness he did, as it came in handy real quick just a few hours ago.

A van crossed the median of a two-lane highway (texting, I suspect), but instead of breaking and screaming, I moved to the shoulder of the road, maintained my speed, didn’t hit the brakes and avoided the problem.  All of which happened within only a few seconds.

I didn’t react, I acted, based on my training, 22 years ago!!!  The way you teach, isn’t easily forgotten!

I then re-entered the road without brakes (2 on gravel, 2 on pavement never works, as I was taught), and continued on safely, a little stressed, but safely!

Thanks!  You don’t just teach the young, you teach the young for a lifetime.


Scott Keller


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2 responses to “Driving School Lessons | Young Drivers teaches driving for a lifetime

  1. It is good to hear the training had saved life.And Wow that is great to hear your service is the best one in the driver training.

    • Thanks so much! Very kind! We get these letters quite often and really makes me appreciate how our Young Drivers driving programs and commitment to reducing the number of road deaths and injuries on our roads does make a difference.

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