Win a $100 Young Drivers of Canada Gift Certificate


I am happy to share my love for everything road safety with you and enjoy writing these blog posts.  Now I would like to turn it over to my wonderful community of blog readers.   I would love to hear your thoughts on how the actions of drivers can make our roads safer.

One lucky person will win a $100 Young Drivers of Canada gift certificate.  This certificate is transferable and good for any of our Young Drivers Centres across the country.  There is a wide array of driver training options available from Young Drivers, whether you are a new driver, already licensed, senior driver, or corporate fleet driver.  Maybe you failed your road test, are getting ready for a G1 or G2 exit road test or just want a few driving lessons to help you feel more confident on the road.  Enter to win and this certificate will help you prepare for the road ahead with the most comprehensive safe driver training courses in Canada.

Mandatory Entry: It’s easy.  Post your answer to the following question in the comments section of this post -What driving tip would you give someone to improve their driving?

Optional Entries: 1 comment per each optional entry.  For all of the items you do below, please leave a comment so it can be verified.

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This contest closes Friday, March 30th, 2012 at 11:59 EST.  The winner will be randomly chosen. Good luck!

Congratulations to Brenda Plowright Giovanatto!  Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and entries.


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131 responses to “Win a $100 Young Drivers of Canada Gift Certificate

  1. Jane Farquharson

    Always signal!

  2. Danielle

    See-Think-Do Always helps! Some people forget!

    See. Scan for hazards. Pay attention to other road users and the areas where hazards could occur.
    Think. Decide which hazards are most dangerous. Think quickly about possible solutions. Decide on the safest solution.
    Do. Do manoeuvres to keep yourself and others safe

  3. Judy

    Driving Tips: Make sure the parking brake is off when you start the car. Ensure your full attention on the road. Check your blind spot for every lane change.




  5. Laura Ironside

    Always be aware of other Drivers, and practice, practice, practice.

  6. Use your turning signal, we aren’t mind readers.

  7. sheila briand

    always use common sence when it come to the weather , slow down when it’s raining or foggy, and snowing, just because it says 50km doesn’t mean that it’s safe to do so all the time.

  8. Christina H

    Always be aware of your surroundings, and other drivers.

  9. Ashley MacDougall

    Leave everything alone. Don’t text, don’t call people, don’t mess around with apps, don’t eat, don’t put on makeup, don’t head-bang to your favorite songs, don’t sleep. The road isn’t the place to be multitasking.

  10. Christina H

    I like YDoC on FB.

  11. AgnesM

    When you are learning to drive take lessons from a reputable driving school not from parents or siblings even if they are good drivers!

  12. Be an example of good road manners to the inexperienced “teen drivers to be” in your car and encourage them to take a Young Drivers course to establish good driving habits.

  13. Richard Wong

    Keep a close eye for posted signs. You could be on a highway in one moment and a school zone in the next.

  14. Jim Alix

    Cyclists are not blocking traffic – they ARE traffic! Don’t pass when it isn’t safe to do so.

  15. Always drive with your lights on!

  16. Margaret

    No matter how important it might seem in the moment, your life is more important than a text message.

  17. Road safety measures – or shortage of training – destroys a great number – and adolescents, the worst. Cheers for the article

  18. Minna

    Don’t rush and never drive if you are very angry or upset! If you are distracted you will not drive your best and could be a danger to yourself and others on the road.

  19. Tracey

    Alway be aware of pedestrians and animals while driving by vehicles in a residential area. Children and animals tend to pop out when you least expect it.

  20. chantal keating

    never use your cruse control on wet days.

  21. Alanah

    Always check your blind spot!

  22. Emilio

    Take a driver training course so you know the proper rules of the road.

  23. Meagan

    Make sure you are CONSTANTLY aware of your surrounding and do not get distracted by people or music in your car.

  24. Slow down. People are driving too fast especially in adverse weather conditions.

  25. Sarah

    Make sure you don’t go over the speed limit just because other drivers do, you are staying within the law, not them.

  26. Toolgirl10

    Keep a safe distance between you and the driver in front. Never tailgate.

  27. Deanna

    Always check behind and check again before you back out of a parking space.

  28. Jayne Cameron

    Be aware of what other drivers around you are doing and make sure to shoulder check anytime you change lanes.

  29. Mike Mottishaw

    try to drive in a relaxed state-the more ‘open’ you are the safer you are..

  30. lea

    dont think you know all the answers, just cause you now can drive – slow down and look all around you for other drivers who are careless, distracted, or just plain bad drivers

  31. Julie

    Check and double check before you pull out into traffic.

  32. Sandra Schultz

    Where you look is where you go.

  33. Julie

    Pay attention to what is going on outside the car, do not adjust the radio etc

  34. Lorie

    Don’t be distracted by the car radio, cell phone, or intense conversations, pay attention to the road

  35. Linda Van Ryssel

    Always leave lots of space between you and the car in front of you!

  36. James Brocklebank

    Don’t drive when tired! Really bad mistake… ending up in snow banks is not fun! Thankfully I was in an empty parking lot (just got my licence) could have been really bad on the road.

  37. Nadine

    When you are turning right on a red light, make sure you check for pedestrians coming from both directions!

  38. Jennifer

    1. Focus on safety, slow down and take driving seriously! All of the drivers around you depend on your ability to be a safe driver.

    2. Consider the traffic intersections in your home town, and around your neighbourhood. Are you comfortable navigating those intersections? I.E. Traffic circles. Practice at low traffic times, and know the rules of the road.

  39. Aasia

    Always cheack your blind spot, put your N in your window and NEVER forget your licence!
    PS : Dont Drink and Drive or leave your children in the car.

  40. Check your blind spot when changing lanes.

  41. brenda harrigan

    Always check to the right for bicyclist before taking a right turn.

  42. brenda harrigan

    always check to the right for cyclist before making a right turn

  43. Rachel Fray

    Stay calm…Be alert and aware of your surroundings, but don’t stress. A stressed driver is bound to make mistakes.

  44. Cathy Orum

    Look ahead and use your mirrors to get the big picture around you. By looking ahead you may see that child playing on the front lawn with the ball that he may run out after. This gives you the opportunity to be prepared to stop if needed.

  45. Be aware. Always! Safety always comes first.

  46. Following on Twitter

  47. Alaina C

    Keep your distance and check your blind spots! Happy driving 🙂

  48. laurie tilkin

    Remember you can be in the right but also dead right. Safety first

  49. Krystal Sponagle

    Many Tips:

    1. Keep an eye out to avoid issues/accedents/prepare for weather changes etc.
    2. Read up on ALL new changes to the Rules. Too many drivers do not know how to use the Round-abouts! be Responsible and LEARN.
    3. Realize what you hate about other drivers “This person should do this!” and do it yourself, if you are cautious of others, be cautious of yourself.
    4. Check blind spots and use signals. Make sure everything on your car works! If your light is burnt out, Fix it!

    There is NO excuse when you are in an accident!

  50. melody

    Look before you turn a lot of people do look for people crossing the road i have come so close to being killed over 20 times well its my walk single because people fly out of no were and turn with out looking at my cross walk by my house

  51. Melanie P.

    Be aware of your surroundings!

  52. Melanie P.

    I “liked’ Young Drivers of Canada on Facebook!

  53. Melanie P.

    I’m following Young Drivers of Canada on Twitter!

  54. See think do! Always pay attention and don’t drink and drive

  55. Fran Mullen

    hang up the phone and drive

  56. A

    If you’ve been driving for many, many years, perhaps it’s time to test your driving skills and take a driving lesson or two. This is proactive action to ensure you are following all the rules of the road and continue to be a safe driver.
    Also, if you are new to the province or country, take a driving lesson or two. Different provinces and countries have different rules about driving. Make sure that you are not a danger to yourself and others and ensure you are aware of the rules you need to follow. Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

  57. Shonna

    Do not text while driving.

  58. Mariah Parker

    Patience is a virtue!

  59. Sam

    Never drink and drive or ride with someone who has been drinking…call home for a ride!

  60. Shoulder checks, shoulder checks, shoulder checks!

  61. I like young drivers of canada on facebook as Jonnie JB Hartling

  62. Darlene

    stay focused on the road..not on your phone!!!

  63. Kevin

    My best advice as a licenced driver of 25 years (5 years of which were day-long driving related) is ….. drum roll please ….
    maintain, maintain, maintain your vehicle. Make sure to take the time and money to save on human injury, pain, and car expenses, not to mention severely increased vehicle insurance costs once the accident occurs. A well maintained car with proper safety equipment will avoid the accident in the first place – excellent braking, excellent steering, excellent handling. Don’t forget … there are roughly only 4-square feet of rubber between you and the road keeping you safe day in and day out. In harsh, icy climates, such as mine in Northern Ontario, adopt the best possible traction possible in the winter time – winter tires. Studded tires give great stability, cornering, stopping power and thus boost the defensive driving paradigm’s accident avoidance plan. Push the Gov’t / MTO to legalize studded winter tires (Scandinavian short-studs) throughout all of Ontario. At present, they are legal on vehicles registered in Northern Ontario from Oct.1 through to April 30 each year. The roads may suffer slightly (and our road construction buddies may benefit slightly in slightly more employment), but the accident avoidance is well worth it. They cost about the same as a good set of winter tires / all-seasons – who drives on all-season tires in the winter? I guess they have lots of money to burn on insurance and “spinning-tire syndrome” gas consumption.

  64. Sandra Weichel

    Avoid a collision! Take special care when turning left at intersections especially when the car you are facing is also facing left. Sometimes there is a second car hidden that will be driving straight through the intersection.

  65. Irene

    pay attention. not speeding.

  66. mike

    when youre in a highway near a merge, always let the other car that wants to merge into the highway smoothly drive into the highway. adjust your speed accordignly to facilitate this

  67. mike

    i follow young drivers on twitter (@mrkaboomcon)

  68. mike

    i like young drivers on facebook (facebook handle is mike k.)

  69. Go to Young Drivers of Canada and learn how to drive correctly and safely!

  70. Catherine

    Check and double check before you; change lanes, pull out, back up, etc.

  71. Shanda

    Be present in the moment; drive in the moment! Focus on what you are doing, what is around you and anticipate the actions of others. ” think twice. Once for the other driver”

  72. Nicole

    Calm, confident, defensive driving is the way to safe driving. Know your rules and refresh yourself every few years. We can sometimes become lazy or over confident in our skills/knowledge, when we have been driving for years. And above all remember the road is to be shared and therefore the responsibility falls on all those who use it to keep it safe, new and old drivers alike.

  73. Since i have 2 teenagers both learning to drive I am really pushing the dont text or use your celphone when driving , and things like fussing with music or anything that takes their focus off the road .My son is starting your course this week, but i sure would love this for my daughter who will be wanting to start in the next few months

  74. i Like Young Drivers of Canada on Facebook stacey dempsey

  75. i Follow @YoungDrivers on Twitter @roswello

  76. i tweeted

  77. Ari B

    Check your mirrors.

  78. Janet V

    Do not text or do other things while driving – Stay focused on driving.

  79. What driving tip would I give someone to improve their driving?

    TAKE Driver training! And be a courteous driver!

  80. Kaitlyn

    Quick feet quick hands; slow feet slow hands.

  81. cathy

    Don’t follow to close.

  82. Cindy Laurin

    Driving is a privilege, not a right! Always respect the rules of the road, other drivers and pedestrians. One small mistake on a driver’s part, can mean a lifetime of misery for the recipient of that mistake.

  83. Suzanne

    Remember to breathe, relax and focus…and take Young Drivers.

  84. Michele

    Always leave yourself an out while driving -meaning make aure you always know what cars are beside you and behind you as well as in front of you. By checking your mirrors you will always be aware of an out if need be 🙂

  85. Iris

    Please do a good shoulder check before changing lanes and turning right so you don’t hit a motorcycle or a bicycle.

  86. bohden s.

    Practice practice practice is my best tip to improve driving, Especially in all different types of conditions, rain, snow etc,

  87. Margaret Duncan Grant

    never tailgate. We learned to leave 2 seconds between you and the car in front of you. s
    Say “one thousand and one, one thousand and two” to measure the space between you and the car ahead by starting to count as soon as they have passed a mark/spot ..take your time.

  88. Lia

    Always stop before turning right on a red light.

  89. Sai Nabar

    Constantly check your blind spots and your mirrors and make sure the test adminstrator notices you checking.

  90. Amanda

    Be aware of and follow the posted speed limits.

  91. Kimberly

    Never use cruise control in rainy or icy conditions. Always check your blnd spots by looking over your shoulder before changing lanes.

  92. Katherine Sung

    Concentrate on the road and not the distractions in your vehicle. And by concentrate, I mean actively process the images to understand your surroundings.

  93. Codie

    Be cautious, you never know what can happen, always have your mind and eyes on the road.

  94. Focus on driving, slow down, watch conditions

  95. Patrick S

    Always make sure you are NOT distracted, always keep your eyes on the road and scanning looking for possible hazards. I also find stopping at the right time is something most new drivers like myself need to practice on. Lastly, signal all the time, no matter the place or time!

    Good luck,
    Patrick S.

  96. Lisa Roth

    Stay focused at all times and keep practicing! Always check your blind spot.

  97. nicole durand

    always use your turn signals

  98. Sheila Roach

    Always watch for oncoming traffic – don’t trust that they’ll stop at that stop sign or actually make that turn – they may have left their signal light on and didn’t realize it. Always be on alert for distracted drivers – they’re everywhere!

  99. Janice

    be attentive to your surroundings

  100. Wendy

    Practice defensive driving 🙂

  101. R. Taylor

    See. Think. Do: Look ahead, scan intersections, shoulder check. Identify hazards, monitor speed. Steer smoothly, create space so you can stop accurately and communicate with turn signals, hand signals, eye contact, brake lights and or horn.

  102. Sal

    Stay calm. When you’re driving, drive; don’t let the hustle and bustle of life draw your focus away from where it should be; the road.

  103. Stephanie

    Always pay attention!, not doing so if probably the number one reason for many fatalities, besides lose of control. Paying attention includes; blind spot checks, signaling, speed, etc…

  104. Kara B

    There’s no room on the road for rage & distraction. Ignore that driver fingering you, turn off that celphone, that thing lsiding off your seat well just let it slide… and keep your eyes on the road. Nothing’s worth the accident that can and will harm!

  105. nancy brucas

    Be aware of your surroundings.

  106. Deborah

    Always pay attention. Do not be a ‘distracted’ driver. You have to always assume the ‘other’ driver isn’t paying attention. Make sure you are! Drive defensively. Expect the unexpected.

  107. Pay attention and always signal

  108. Don’t use electronic devices when you are driving

  109. Always check over both shoulders and mirrors. Always signal. Stay calm and relax, you will always get where you want to be by being safe.

  110. Peter

    Driving is a privilege, not a right! and use common sence

  111. Tamara Saunders

    Pay close attention to everything around you when driving and stay within the speed limit to maintain your safety and the safety of others in your vehicle and on the road.

  112. Yvonne Wolters

    Pay attention to the road and other drivers -don’t become distracted by…music, eating, passengers, rushing etc.

  113. I like Young Drivers on Facebook

  114. Don’t tail gate and do remember your turning signals. Alos remember to turn them off after making your turn. Stay calm and remember you will get through this steps of learning to drive

  115. Ali A

    Watch for Pedestrians at crosswalks very carefully.

  116. Maureen

    There are lots of ‘common-sense’ things one should remember. One of the important things to remember is…..’YELLOW MEANS RED’.
    If you’re at a green light and want to turn left; if there’s no clear space to make the turn, you may, ultimately, have to wait till the light turns red…..DON’T ASSUME THE VEHICLE GOING STRAIGHT WILL STOP IF THE LIGHT IS YELLOW!!! The other senario is if you’re going straight and the light turns yellow and there’s someone waiting to turn (in front of you); let them go…YELLOW MEANS RED. I learned this from going straight (beating the light) and getting pulled over by a police officer. He didn’t give me a ticket, but told me “Yellow means red!”. I truly believe this information can save a lot of tragic accidents.

  117. Marcia

    Pay attentions and Be Alert

  118. Rose-Marie Zeilstra

    Concentrate on your driving and the traffic. Too often drivers tend to multi-task and get distracted. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a sharp eye out for potential hazards. Defensive driving can save a life!

  119. dreag21

    I have ALWAYS told people my best driving tip is take a YD course! I did 10 years ago and have always been appreciative of all I learned.

    Additional entries:
    1. Liked on FB as Andrea Valenzeula
    2. Followed on Twitter as @dreag21

  120. We must follow all rules of driving. I love these young drivers of Canada.

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