Top 5 Ways to Beat Traffic

With all the festivities during the Canada Day long weekend, drivers need to be prepared for busier roadways and highways. Whether you are celebrating with a family staycation or hitting the road, this holiday will be easier to enjoy knowing some great tips to help you beat the masses on our roads.

These 5 tips will help you enjoy your long weekend:

1. Plan Your Route – Plan your trips to travel in a logical order. Even if you are staying close to home, there could be road closures due to local festivities you should be aware of.

2. Timing is Key – Rush hour is rush hour is rush hour. You and many others get off at the same time and will be heading to cottage country at the same time. Anticipate how long your route will take and leave plenty of time to avoid stress and rushing to your destination.

3. Avoid a Breakdown – The last thing you want is to have your car breakdown and throw a wrench into your holiday plans. Have your vehicle checked before you head out for the long weekend. Keep your air and fuel filters clean. Your owner’s manual will advise you on how often they should be changed.

4. Gas Up – A wise driver will fuel up the day before the trip so they are ready to go and drive past all the long line-ups at the gas stations. Just before you reach your destination, it’s a good idea to top up your tank to have ready for side trips and the return home.

5. Keep kids occupied – Happy children make for a happy drive. Keep them occupied with easily accessible games, books, videos, music, and snacks and keep your focus on the road.

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