Driving School Contest


The new year is here.  How will you prepare for the road ahead in 2013? 

Young Drivers would like to help make 2013 a happy and safe one for you.  Enter our blog contest now and one lucky person will win a $100 Young Drivers of Canada gift certificate.

Whether you are a new driver, are already licensed, looking for winter driving help, want to go for your driving test or need help to get over your driving fears this new year, Young Drivers has driving classes that will get you driving defensively in 2013.   There are a variety of options at our driving school for drivers of all ages and skill level.

This $100 Young Drivers of Canada certificate is transferable and good for any of our Young Drivers Centres across the country.

Mandatory Entry: It’s easy.  Post your answer to the following question in the comments section of this post – What driving tip do you have that will help make our roads safer in 2013?

Optional Entries: 1 comment per each optional entry.  For all of the items you do below, please leave a comment below so it can be verified.

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This contest closes Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 11:59 EST.  If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our New Years post on driving too. The winner will be randomly chosen. Good luck!

**Thank you to all for entering.  Congratulations to winner Elaine Jasvins**


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222 responses to “Driving School Contest

  1. Everyone? Slow down! Please. 🙂 Oh, and I follow you on Twitter too.

    • kimmy

      Safety comes first! Think of others.

    • Yvonne

      Keep Space

      Over 90% of all collisions are caused by driver error. In order to stay out of collisions you need to keep space around your vehicle at all times. Keep a space cushion in front, behind and on both sides in order to always have an escape route open and be prepared to use it.

  2. gayle bellemare

    Always be aware of other drivers, traffic lights, pedestrians and any hazards. Keep your eyes moving, checking your blind spot often. If you are aware of what is around you at all times, you will then make informed decisions with regards to your driving and all those around you will be safer for it.

  3. Jessica

    take your time & be alert

  4. Debbie

    Slow down and always where your seat belt!

  5. Marissa

    Maintain a minimum following distance so you will have an escape route in case of an emergency! 🙂

  6. Sherri R.

    Don’t rely on others to be the better driver. Take ownership and responsibilty for your own safety and for those around you.

  7. To make sure I follow all road signs and rules and drive defensively even if someone else isn’t and make sure I keep myself and the people around me safe.

  8. Kelly Krol


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  13. Jamie

    As a life time pedestrian, I would say that drivers need to pay attention. I can’t count how many times I have had close encounters because drivers are in a rush or not paying attention.

  14. Jamie

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  15. Jamie

    I follow YD on twitter

  16. Ken Currie

    Always make sure that your vehicle is cleared of snow and frost before driving.

  17. Sheri

    People need to stop trailing so close behind each other! Too many drivers like to ride close to the bumper…its unnecessary and recipe for disaster! Especially in slippery conditions!

  18. Mason Butler

    Always be aware of the people around you and what they are doing. Make sure your vehicle is properly equipped for the conditions, and drive for the conditions especially. Be aware of your stopping distance, it increases in the snowy icy road conditions.

    If the conditions are just that bad and you can drive another day, stay inside instead of driving and risking your life or the lives of other people in bad driving conditions.

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    And retweeted on twitter (bnosam)

  19. Cathy Canton

    Mandatory entry I will never text and drive and I will spread the word. I will also be sure that I have my seatbelt on, no distractions and my windows are cleared of all snow and ice.

  20. Cathy Canton

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  24. Pattianne Turner-Robb

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    My tip for any young driver is understanding commentary drive and being aware of steering high and seeing what is in front of you to enable you to see what you are approaching and what potential hazards there are. Also understanding the 2 second rule of point of no return when approaching a traffice light. When you are 2 seconds from the intersection, regardless if the light changes to yellow, you should make the conscious decision to proceed as you are now at the polint of no return. To stop now at 2 seconds from interesection you are creating a potential for the car behind you to hit you.

  25. Elaine Jasvins

    It is very important to use your mirrors and check them often. Be a defensive driver.

  26. Elaine Jasvins

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  29. Sara

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    My hint; please, be aware! Be aware of the weather, or other drivers, pedestrians, animals and children! Remember your training.

    Would love to win; don’t have a license yet, so my resolution this year is to get my learners before I turn 30! (I’m lame!)

  30. paula huie

    be aware and drive defensively – not aggressively

  31. paula huie

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  35. Drive defensively and don’t have the car too warm as you may bet drowsy!

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  40. Slow down in winter driving

  41. Melissa Adams

    Winter driving can be dangerous. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. Keep all your fluids topped up and your tires weather worthy.

  42. Joanna

    Make sure not to drink and drive!

  43. My tip: drive safe and responsibly. It makes the roads safer for everyone!

  44. I follow on twitter @AMotherhoodBlog

  45. Please please PLEASE leave your phone alone while driving. Just yesterday I saw someone nearly run down because the driver was talking on their cell while turning a corner, and not seeing the pedestrian in their “blind spot”.

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  50. karen

    Stay alert and be awarw of what’as going on around you. And put your phone away!

  51. karen

    Stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you. And put your phone away!

  52. Tracey

    Tip: Invest in winter tires.

  53. Tracey

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  55. Carrie
    Take your time do not rush, wet weather driving can be dangerous, give yourself lots of time to reach your destination.
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  56. Rita P

    Don’t let other bad drivers get to you. Road rage is awful and will get you nowhere. Just relax, inhale/exhale and let it go!

  57. Jaimee M

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  60. Jaimee M


  61. Jaimee M

    Never drive while sleepy, or while sick.

  62. Sarah p

    Drive according to the weather conditions, if its slippery, slow down and pay extra close attention to other drivers and the people around you!

  63. Sarah p

    I followed young drivers on twitter @slpemdb

  64. Sarah p

    liked their facebook page, sarah perry

  65. Sarah p

  66. Shanon Head

    Keep with the flow of traffic!

    • paulamcsmith

      When driving in the dark and bright lights from oncoming cars blind you look to the white line on the right side of the road instead of the car lights coming towards you.

  67. Melinda

    precautions driving

  68. Pat

    Liked on facebook, one of the best driving schools!

  69. iain jamison

    Slow down in winter weather. Following on Twitter and sent a tweet.

  70. Allison Citynski

    To be a good driver you must first know how to be a pedestrian and get the scoop. When you know how you’ll understand better and tolerate a lot more patience and more!

  71. Alex Martel

    While driving , be sure to always be comfortable with your vehicule. I have made a circuit full obstacles to know what the capabilities of my vehicule are as in total width , steering at a wide variety of speeds and how to control drifts when lost control. Read your owners manual to find out what safety features your car is equipped with and how to use them.

  72. Anand

    Use your indicator!

  73. alicia

    Take you time…. stay alert!!!

  74. Cristin B

    Stay alert during a snow storm. Slow down and keep an eye out of careless drivers.

  75. Daniela Cataldo

    Use both hands and stay off the phone!

  76. Hilary

    Don’t assume the other drivers see you. They might not.

  77. Angelina

    Always have a plan! People on the road are so unpredictable, so keep an eye on other drivers & always have an escape plan!

  78. Lucas Wilde

    Allow yourself more time to get where you are going…always expect the unexpected.

  79. Bronwen Keyes-Bevan

    Look well ahead, move your eyes, keep space and spot the problems!

  80. Chui Fan YIP

    Plan ahead, watch out for pedestrians and cyclists , and stay calm to make good judgement!

  81. Brittany

    Don’t allow someone to drive that you know has been drinking! Also, liked YD of facebook & followed on twitter!

  82. carlie

    Take your time, be safe, stay alert, don’t talk or text while driving, don’t drink and drive, make sure you and your passengers have their seat belts on.

  83. Cindy

    Ensure your car is prepared for Winter driving conditions; a good set of winter tires, snow brush and scraper, lots of washer fluid and always ensure your car is clear of snow and frost prior to driving!

  84. Jon

    Drive at a reduced speed in bad weather conditions and as always remain alert and safety conscious as to what is happening on the road.

  85. Dan & Bev Hess

    Take your time
    to read the sign,
    Slow down & Be smart
    & do your part!

  86. David

    It can be difficult to see around a large SUV, when making a left turn at a traffic light, because the view of on-coming traffic behind the SUV may be obscured. On rainy nights, in this situation, I look for the reflection of any approaching vehicle’s headlights, off the wet road, under the SUV. Not seeing the reflection doesn’t mean that this isn’t an oncoming vehicle, but seeing the reflection means that there is something I need to be aware of.

  87. Barbara Simpson

    Always do a shoulder check before changing lanes.

  88. Jaired

    Always make sure that you are alert by making sure you are not tired and never drinking and driving.

  89. Jade

    Don’t drink and drive, and drive safely .

  90. Jolie

    My Favorite tip from YD: A yellow light does not mean proceed with caution; it means STOP unless unsafe to do so!!! My non-YD trained friends do not know this

    • LR

      I disagree! I think you need another YD lesson. Yellow light does NOT mean to stop, it means PREPARE TO STOP. It also means you should NOT speed up through it.

  91. Chantel

    When driving, always stay calm and relaxed and don’t stress. Also, never run a yellow light unless you cannot stop safely, and you can NEVER shoulder check too much!

  92. Elspeth

    Always check left center rights and keep your eyes looking well ahead!

  93. Karen

    Don’t drink and drive!!!

  94. Mina Cantone

    Turn the power off on youuur cell phone before you start the car.

  95. Sheighla Barr

    Look at where you want your car to be (i.e. in the middle of the lane) and don’t focus too much on the other lanes/cars coming towards you. This will help keep you driving in the middle of your lane.

  96. Valerie

    set an example to your young drivers in the car!

  97. Sheighla Barr

    Liked on FB under this name

  98. leslie raffin

    Look ahead 2-3 cars to see what is happening, anticipate slow downs and pedestrians and avoid rear ending someone. When it is raining, look under the car in front of you and you can see brakelights go on in the traffic ahead and reflected in the rain

  99. Lily Ann Peters

    When turning use the hand over hand technique because it allows you to make a smooth and safe turn especially when approaching intersections and when having to make that tricky left turn.

  100. Judy Raske

    Make you stay alert to other drivers and pedestrians, stay off your phone’s and be cautious when the road conditions deteriorate! Never let yourself get distracted and drive on auto-pilot!

  101. Leanne Raske

    Followed on twitter! @leanne_14315

  102. Shannon

    You shoulder check when you change lanes or turn a corner, but do you remember to shoulder check when turning out of a parking lot? I see a lot of motorists turn out of parking lots without looking for pedestrians crossing at the corner. Safe driving applies to parking lots too!!

  103. Victor

    Make sure you look at your side mirror before exiting the car! Incoming pedestrians or cyclists can be tricky to spot.

  104. Lilian

    My tip: slow down and anticipate hazards/drive defensively 🙂

  105. Matthew Weeks

    Try installing convex mirrors on your sideview mirrors. They’re cheap and available just about anywhere.

  106. Lucy Davidson

    Drive as you would expect to be driven.

  107. Elyse

    From completely young drivers this past summer, I’ve learned caution is key! (this is my first winter driving!) if you’ve double checked something, triple check it and “keeping it slow” is key.

  108. Slow down on right turns and check your blind spots 🙂
    And I liked you on Facebook 🙂

  109. Rachel

    Always always ALWAYS check your blind spot when changing lanes!!

  110. Lindsay Kingston

    Make sure all mirrors, steering wheel and seat are adjusted correctly. There nothing worse than trying to be a good driver while uncomfortable or unable to see out of the mirrors. Take your time getting situated before driving.

  111. Paula Anderson

    New drivers to take the defensive driver training

  112. Mr. Robertson

    Never assume people will stop at a stop sign! Be sure to come to a complete stop, and look around before you proceed. (ESPECIALLY in the winter when roads are slick.)

  113. Kevin

    It doesn’t matter if you “know” there’s something behind you or not. ALWAYS check your blind spot! You will never know how many times there is actually something coming up from behind!

  114. Naomi Lawson-Baird

    As well as doing a pre-trip Vehicle check, do a pre-trip Personal check to make sure you are in the right condition to drive. Preventing: road-rage, intoxicated driving, and any other distractions that might cause collisions.
    -Followed on twitter @naomilbDancer and Liked on Facebook.

  115. Naomi

    As well as doing a pre-trip Vehicle check, do a pre-trip Personal check to make sure you are in the right condition to drive. Preventing: road-rage, intoxicated driving, and any other distractions that might cause collisions.

  116. Kaleigh

    Only enter the intersection if you know that you can proceed straight through it without stopping.

  117. Nick Carefoot

    Look where you want to go, if its on a long stretch of road the horizon of the road will guide you to where you want to go. Check your mirrors and don’t derp just drive.

  118. L. Heather Steeves

    Do not be afraid to tell passengers in your car to quiet down because you need to concentrate. It’s your licence on the line and all their lives.

  119. Always remember to check your blind spot when changing lanes!

  120. Tamra

    check your blind spots and pay attention to your speed

  121. Wil Schmor

    My driving tip is to keep both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. I follow on Facebook (Wil Schmor), twitter (theschmor), and tweet we’d and did a Facebook status

  122. Nicole

    Drive with the assumption that no one else on the road knows what they are doing!

  123. Kim S

    Always leave a couple car lenghts between you and the car ahead of you. Then you have room to stop, should they brake suddenly.
    I’ve also liked the FB page, and followed the Pinterest page 🙂

  124. Carrie

    Put the phones away . Be a courteous driver. Speed kills ..slow down

  125. matthew clarke

    when a situation comes up just remeber to remain calm and not over react you make its worse if you panick thank you to young drivers i am now a full time driver and extremly coffident on the road remember your instructors tips and lessons they will help you they have helped me avoid many accidents already driving work trucks all day every day

  126. Sandra

    Don’t tailgate…it endangers us all.

  127. Maggie Stewart

    Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and your phone in your pocket. Arrive Alive!

  128. Tara Smith

    Slow down if you’re being tail-gated – they will not have the reaction time to stop if you do, so you’ll need to factor that in if you have to make an emergency stop for any reason.

  129. Becky

    Always look both ways while waiting at a light, you never know when someone might pop out of nowhere.

  130. Sarah Malcolm

    I think what will make our roads safer for the new year is to always stay focused on your driving and others around you. Always moving your eyes and being alert. Follow all road rules and adjust your driving to the road conditions.

  131. Sarah Malcolm

    Liked Young Drivers of Canada on Facebook

  132. Sarah Malcolm

    Followed Young Drivers of Canada on Twitter

  133. Nick

    When coming up to a green light, it is called a stale green- it could turn at any second, be prepared!

  134. Sara

    slow down and relax, stop being impatient

  135. Marissa

    Don’t begin panicking as soon as you get into heavier traffic than you’re used to, or else you’ll have a bad time.

  136. B Campbell

    please slow down

  137. Asia

    Be aware of the point of no return regarding lights. Make sure you’re cautious upon the approach of a stale green light.

    Liked on Facebook.

  138. Branden

    Choose the safest route to get to your destination, especially in the winter!

  139. Keith Searles

    Whenever possible, make eye contact with pedestrians and cyclists….

  140. Laura

    In 2013 to make our roads safer you should avoid driving in unsafe weather conditions especially in the winter months and wait till the weather improves before you go out on the road. Also make sure your car is ready for the conditions you’ll be driving in and drive safe.

  141. Joy

    Slow down!! when you change lane, please check your blind spots and pay attention to your speed.

  142. plan ur trip before leaving be aware of weather conditions and traffic try to prepare for succsess on the road 🙂

  143. Nick

    Always plan your route before leaving for your destination, instead of doing so while driving. This allows you to remain focused and alert to present driving conditions and remain confident in your abilities. I find it helpful when planning a route to imagine my destination and then work backwards toward my origin.

  144. Naveena

    Be aware of your blind spots by shoulder checking!

  145. nichole

    Slow down in bad weather

  146. John Sheppard

    Adjust your speed according to road conditions, be alert and keep your eyes moving. If possible, plan a route before leaving and always try to maintain a stagger.

  147. Lisa Power

    Don’t text/talk & drive……..EVER! Move your eyes every 2 seconds to be fully aware of what is going on around you & avoid becoming drowsy/complacent while driving.

  148. Megan Wynn

    Always be mindful of your blind spots and NEVER text while driving 🙂

  149. Karin

    Slow down in wintry weather conditions.

  150. Yvonne

    Keep Space!!!!

    Over 90% of all collisions are caused by driver error. In order to stay out of collisions you need to keep space around your vehicle at all times. Keep a space cushion in front, behind and on both sides in order to always have an escape route open and be prepared to use it.

    Oh, an I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 🙂

  151. intensev5

    Always wear your seatbelt – it can save your life!!!

  152. Mark

    Check your mirrors before stopping or slowing down so that you know what is behind you. This will decrease the chances of a nasty rear-end collision. This is especially applicable when the weather conditions are snowy/icy – if someone’s tailgating you and you forget to glance at your mirror before reducing speed or stopping… crash and smash.

  153. Esther

    Keep your eyes on the road.

  154. Jasper Maxwell

    A damn useful trick for driving in snow is to put your vehicle into a lower gear. The wheels will turn slower and have more traction so you won’t bottom out when trying to do a do a multi-point turn or whathaveyou in deepish snow. This works for backing out of a garage and turning to face out of a driveway as well, going up hills and pretty much every other type of snowy terrain is made safer by this.

  155. Jessica

    When driving in the city and an intersection (lights) are down and a cop is directing traffic always follow the cops nstruction over the normal rules of the road. Also if it is the same scenario only without the cop, treat the intersection like a four way stop!

  156. Jenilee

    always watch for other drivers, traffic lights, pedestrians and any hazards. be thinking ahead with speed/weather conditions.

  157. Yvonne

    When driving down Memorial Ave. between the bypass and Colburne St. expect someone to pull out in front of you, because it will happen!

  158. cathy

    Give yourself more time and space in winter driving

  159. Susanne

    When you are waiting at an intersection and the light turns green, wait and make sure the traffic has stopped in both directions, BEFORE you go forward and enter the intersection. By doing this I have saved myself from a fatal accident many times because people have run the red light because they have been on their cell phone or various other reasons.

  160. Damian

    Allways signal and sholder check before you start to move because you will never have seen that car in your blind spot before you hit him/ her. I will also like you on facebook right after im finished with this.

  161. Nichole

    Look right, look left, and look right again! (As a lifelong pedestrian I can’t tell you the number of times i’ve nearly been hit by drivers trying to make a right at a red light simply because they didn’t look!)

    Also – Put your cell phone away!!! – Keep your eyes on the road!!

  162. Driving tip: At night make sure your head lights are not visible in the rear window of the vehicle in front of you

  163. marcia chafe

    It’s not a raec-please be careful!

  164. Mallory

    Be aware of cyclists, as a cyclist I get cars swerving on front of me all the time. And yes, lots of cyclists are unsafe but as a smart cyclist cars should be respectful.

  165. Maxine Hayden

    Never go faster than you feel comfortable. Snow means slow!!
    If someone is tail-gating you and there is a safe place to pull over, then pull over and let them pass you.
    You are the boss of your vehicle when you’re behind the wheel, don’t drive until everyone has their seat-belt on and stop the car (safely) if they’re making too much noise or goofing around.

  166. Sandra

    Whenever you make a right hand turn always look over your shoulder and check your blindspot.

  167. Lynann

    If it’s smaller than a table, It’s a squishy!! Hit it, dont put yourself or others in harms way.

  168. Victoria

    Proper vehicle maintenance is just as important to safe driving as the actions you take on the road. Do a simple circle check around the car to look for any fluid leaks, any obvious damage to the vehicle. Check tire pressure regularly, especially in winter. Have a tire gauge in the glove box. Driving with properly inflated tires is better for fuel economy as well as safety. Make sure all snow and ice has been removed from the car as well. Check engine oil level regularly (every time you fill up) and especially in winter, check windshield wiper fluid level, and coolant level. Have the car regularly serviced, and don’t ignore the warning lights in the dashboard! Also check lights regularly, and turn on your lights when it’s dark, rainy, snowy or foggy to increase visibility, especially in winter driving.

  169. Alyssa

    Always wear your seat belt and never text/talk on your cell phone while driving.

  170. Deb

    When in doubt… don’t.

  171. Andrea

    When visibility is reduced, increase your stopping and following distance

  172. Andrea

    Liked on facebook

  173. Jess

    Plan your route before leaving your house!!!! (liked on FB)

  174. Pay attention to the road and what’s around you

  175. Ashley

    Don’t follow too closely to the car infront of you *Drivers need enough time to react to that car if it makes a sudden turn or stop

  176. Shawn

    Remember to leave enough stopping distance when the roads are wet and slippery

  177. Gord

    Most accidents are avoidable. Make it a point to consider what the other person is thinking in the other vehicle, whether at an intersection, passing, etc. With this in mind, and in many cases, another driver’s actions are predictable. Then, instinctivley, always be thinking about what the other driver ‘might’ do and what you will do in response.
    Take this into account and I guarantee that you will avoid several mishaps in your driving lifetime.

  178. Andrea Morrison

    Something I would recommend for a safer driving experience in 2013 is NOT drinking and driving. This accounts for many accidents and deaths worldwide. It is unsafe, irresponsible and causes danger to yourself and other innocent individuals. I would also suggest that before going through an intersection after the light turns green, I would suggest waiting about 4 seconds to make sure that everyone coming in the opposite direction is stopped completely. You never know when a drunk driver or someone who is texting on their phone will not be paying attention.

  179. Heather

    get snow tires, they really make a difference

  180. Golda

    slow down for the conditions

  181. L.J.

    clear your vehicle of ice and snow

  182. Ryan

    drive remembering what you were taught with YD of Canada, speed kills

  183. Keep hanging things off your mirror – they’re distracting!

  184. Kat

    Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to get to your destination! I’m constantly seeing people on the roads weaving in and out of traffic and speeding because they’re in a big rush. Risk your life to save a loved one in trouble, not to catch the 1:30 showing of some lame movie…

  185. mary

    check your surroundings, you may be a great driver, but be aware of actions of other drivers around you

  186. Caressa Lahaie

    Get rid of distractions such as phones, make-up, fiddling with the radio. Follow at a safe distance. Follow the speed limit. Check your mirrors often. Watch for pedestrians. Make sure the way is clear before changing lanes, turning, or proceeding through a traffic light. Most importantly– BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!

  187. LIKED on facebook (Nikki O’Connor MrsGraham)

  188. Followed on twitter (@mybabyangelface)

  189. Everyone just take your time and drive according to the road conditions. No one wants to get hurt or worse trying to get where they need or want to go.

  190. Laura MacKenzie

    Even if you think you’re a good driver so you can drive fast, because “you can handle it” you never know how well or what conditions other drivers are driving in. It’s not just about who is right and wrong… It’s uktimately about who is safe.

  191. Jan Hilliard

    Please brush ALL the snow off your vehicle, including the snow on top that tends to blow off onto the vehicles behind you.

  192. Maija Dudley

    Distracted driving is a big issue that I think if was solved would make the roads safer in 2013. So if people would not use there iPods, cell phones or other electronic devices I believe we would not be so distracted.

  193. Michael

    slow down when there is snow and ice on the road in winter!!

  194. Krista

    During unfavorable weather conditions reduce your speed…yes… but too drastically. Driving way too slow can cause an accident as much as driving too fast can. Slow and Steady …. not backwards 😉

  195. Lynda Larsen-Baldry

    Keep focused on driving and don’t drink and drive.

  196. Lynda Larsen-Baldry

    I like Young Drivers of Canada on Facebook

  197. Christine

    Use winter tires, and plan ahead so you can drive slower and with more caution! 🙂

  198. 3stardrivingschool

    Serious lover of your blog, a considerable number of your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking towards updates!

  199. Caleigh

    stay alert, slow down and stay in control!

  200. Winter tip: always scrape the ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain, etc. off your windows before you drive and wait until all the fog clears before driving!

    Liked on Facebook and following on Twitter (@365sonnets)! 🙂

  201. Kerry

    Stay alert and always pay attention, it only takes a second for something to happen…reduce amount of distractions within your vehicle.

  202. Angela Massis

    Avoid Distractions, Practice Defensive Driving and Don’t Follow too Closely

    Liked on Facebook
    Following on Twitter
    Following on Pinterest
    My daughter wants to taking driving lessons. This would be so amazing!!

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