The little things mean a lot

Common sense and respect. Two highly valuable traits that Young Drivers of Canada Director of Training Scott Marshall highlights with his wonderful post about a personal experience he had on the road. Thank you to all drivers, like Scott, whose actions make us and our communities safer. The little things really do go a long way.

The Safe Driver

IMG-20130503-00303Like many drivers, I do like doing the proper thing, especially while driving near other vehicles. I also teach my students at Young Drivers of Canada to do the same things. It’s always a good idea to know why we’re doing certain things and not just because “I was told to”. I also believe in practicing what I preach. I had a chance to follow that mentality recently when an emergency vehicle was approaching my direction from behind with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Would you know what to do?

I had just pulled out of a gas station on the corner and as I was reaching the intersection the traffic light changed from green to amber so I stopped as I had plenty of time to do so. After I stopped I began hearing the sirens of an ambulance. I started looking around to find where they were coming…

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