Is it an accident or a collision?

**Statistics show that more than 90% of collisions are caused by driver error. Young Drivers teaches our students how to watch out for other drivers errors – mistakes that often result in collisions that could have been prevented. Thank you Scott Marshall for this great post. If we stop using the word accident when it comes to collisions, maybe it will help make our roads safer.**

The Safe Driver

DSC00131We’ve grown up hearing how at times words can be hurtful. I’m sure we’ve all said things that we may regret later in life. We’ve also said things that essentially mean very little. I think it’s all about how you take what’s been said. To some people, words mean very little. They’re just words. To other people, they have a meaning; a belief.

In the media we often hear about MVA’s; motor vehicle accidents. Whether it’s a single vehicle only or multiple vehicles involved. The word that is constantly miss-used is ‘accident’. It’s not an accident that a single vehicle crashed into a tree or did a roll over. It was a crash or a collision. The driver made a poor decision. When two or more vehicles crashed it was no accident, it was also a crash or a collision. What’s the difference? Lots.

It’s part of a belief really…

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