The best way to use high beam headlights…

Great driving lessons from our driving school’s Director of Training Scott Marshall.

The Safe Driver

IMG-20130927-00590I enjoy teaching and spending time with people. It’s been fun teaching my own son how to drive and recently he had a chance to drive on a dark rural road at night. I know many people would refuse that type of drive, but he actually asked to drive as we were heading off to camp on a Friday evening. I took this opportunity to teach him a few things about using high beam headlights that many people never really get to learn.

One of the mistakes drivers make while driving on a dark road is turning their high beams to low beams too soon. Most drivers tend to drop to low beams the moment they see the headlights of the approaching vehicle. That’s way too soon. Stop being too nice. The spray of your headlights hasn’t reached the driver approaching you, so what’s the hurry to go to low…

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  1. Hi there, great article. I am a driving instructor in the uk and what you are saying is great advice.

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