Young Drivers of CanadaWho we are
We are Canada’s largest driver training organization.  Established in 1970, Young Drivers has grown to over 140 classrooms nationally and has taught over 1 million novice drivers through our proprietary Collisionfree!TM Approach.  Not only do we teach novice drivers but we also offer driver improvement programs for experienced drivers, driver retesting preparation as well as the Collisionfree!TM brand of programs specifically designed for professional fleet drivers.  We are the ONLY ISO9001:2008 registered driving program in Canada.  That means we deliver what we promise and we are serious about the quality of what we teach.  We are Canada’s favourite driving school.

Suzanne Vukosavljevic – Who I am

I have been part of the Young Drivers of Canada organization for a number of years now.  I am also a mother and believer that being a part of the road safety conversation is important.  I hope this blog will engage communities to think about prevention and how we can each make a difference in reducing the number of collisions on our roads.  So here I am & here I go blogging!

Lets connect and start the road safety conversation.

Visit the Young Drivers of Canada website for driving lessons and driving tips: www.yd.com

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3 responses to “About

  1. What an interesting blog and concept! The U.S. could certainly benefit from similar grass-roots local, state and national efforts such as yours. So many of our young people are dying in accidents every day in my region.

  2. Thanks for stopping by & really appreciate your comments! It’s so important to keep the road safety conversation open. I hope to continue to provide communities with the knowledge and tools to help them stay safe. With 2011-2020 being the Decade of Action for Road Safety, this is a great time to highlight “accidents” are predictable and preventable on all our roads: US, Canada or otherwise. Young Drivers used have driver training schools in the US and maybe we will be there again one day! Hope you visit my blog again soon…Yours in safety – Suzanne

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