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Driving tips for Earth Day from Young Dr

Driving tips for Earth Day from Young Drivers of Canada! #earthday #youngdrivers

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Continue the Conversation on Our New Driving Blog

Continue the Conversation on Our New Driving Blog

Follow and share with us everything driving at our new blog See you there!

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January 16, 2014 · 6:21 pm

Contest Alert! WIN 1 of 12 Winter Driving Packages

Contest Alert! WIN 1 of 12 Winter Driving Packages that include Online Tutorial AND In-Car Driving Lessons. ENTER TODAY –>…

winter driving

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The best way to use high beam headlights…

Great driving lessons from our driving school’s Director of Training Scott Marshall.

The Safe Driver

IMG-20130927-00590I enjoy teaching and spending time with people. It’s been fun teaching my own son how to drive and recently he had a chance to drive on a dark rural road at night. I know many people would refuse that type of drive, but he actually asked to drive as we were heading off to camp on a Friday evening. I took this opportunity to teach him a few things about using high beam headlights that many people never really get to learn.

One of the mistakes drivers make while driving on a dark road is turning their high beams to low beams too soon. Most drivers tend to drop to low beams the moment they see the headlights of the approaching vehicle. That’s way too soon. Stop being too nice. The spray of your headlights hasn’t reached the driver approaching you, so what’s the hurry to go to low…

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Driving to Keep Space

Are you a commuter or someone who drives in heavy traffic often? Then this video will definitely give you a new perspective on your driving style. You may just notice that how you keep space on the road will have both savings and safety benefits.

More green driving and road safety tips can be found here from driving school Young Drivers of Canada.


September 20, 2013 · 8:51 pm

How to Avoid A Head On Crash

In 1.3 seconds, a car from oncoming traffic could veer into your lane. In a split second, you need to make the right decision that will help you drive to survive. Driving school Young Drivers of Canada includes driving lessons that teach drivers how to avoid a head on collision and other life saving emergency maneuvers.

Read a first hand account about a true head on collision tragedy that was avoided and the defensive driving steps used that kept this woman safe.

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August 20, 2013 · 7:23 pm

Why Drivers Fail the Road Test

Road tests are in place to check a driver`s driving skills in the vehicle and in traffic. You will be tested on your ability to follow the rules of the road and safe driving practices.


Top reasons people fail their driving test in Canada are: 

Breaking the Law – If you violate any driving law, you can be disqualified.  The two most common offences are speeding and failure to stop at a stop sign.  When it comes to speeding, a driving examiner is fully within their right to disqualify you if you are over the speed limit so keep an eye on the speedometer.  Failure to stop at a stop sign is also a common mistake.  Learn to come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign.  Make sure to check that it is safe to proceed before doing so.

Lack of Confidence – Excessive hesitation while driving on the road and constantly second guessing yourself is an issue.  If this is a repeating pattern during the examination, it can springboard into other mistakes such as failure to recognize right of way yourself.  If you start asking the driver examiner how to do things, like “Do I have to signal?”, this is a dead giveaway.  One thing is nerves, but your performance needs to showcase advanced knowledge and driving skills.  Passing a road test is important to many drivers but don`t forget so is driving safely and defensively.

Too many errors – If you make wide turns, use jerky steering or heavy braking, fail to take your right of way or even drive too slow.

Dangerous action – You could fail a road test if you force another road user to take a defensive action to avoid a collision.  What does this mean? If you pull out when you don`t have enough room or time, or cut off a driver when you try to do a lane change or even make a left turn and force a car into oncoming traffic to take an evasive action, these would be considered dangerous actions.  Avoid them.

Crash – Instant fail.  Keep in mind that you can be failed for a collision you didn`t have but the examiner stopped from happening.  If the examiner had to physically, verbally or even reach over to grab the steering wheel to avoid a collision, this could lead to a driving test fail.

Your performance during your driving test will tell you whether you need more training or practice.  To help you prepare for your driving test and to learn about the Collisionfree! Approach to Driving contact our well-known driving school, Young Drivers of Canada.


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