Drivers Talk

How awesome is blogging? I love the opportunity to read, learn and laugh with so many of the amazing posts in the blogosphere. The great thing as a blogger is being able to share your experiences and thoughts with others. As a reader, it’s nice know someone out there actually feels the same way you do.

If you ever…

  • wanted to learn to drive
  • were nervous to drive
  • had reservations about going to driving school
  • as a teen asked if Young Drivers would be different and/or boring
  • wondered if Young Drivers could help you if you were not a teen
  • were psyched out about getting your license in your 30s or 40s (can Young Drivers help me???)
  • asked what you would and should learn with driving lessons
  • as a parent wondered how would get through seeing your son or daughter take this next step

THEN READ ON….. These posts can help answer your questions and more. Check out the first-hand opinions and feelings of Young Drivers of Canada students who have gone through the program and have made their goal to learn to drive a reality.

Maple Leaf Mommy's BlogMaple Leaf Mommy – This woman is an inspiration to any new driver who thinks they can’t learn to drive. She’s 36, a mom of 2 and faced her fears to get behind the wheel.  Read the awesome journey of Deanna – Canada’s MapleLeafMommy

Learning to Drive – A Confession and a Plan

On the Road to Freedom: Quest for my Driver’s Licence Part 2

On the Road to Freedom: Quest for my Driver’s Licence Part 3

On the Road to Freedom: I got Something Shiny, and Reminiscing About the Good Old Days

On the Road to Freedom: My In Class Lessons with Young Drivers

On the Road to Freedom: Stalled Out, or Getting Behind the Wheel is Scary

On the Road to Freedom: Behind the Wheel for the First Time…

Life’s a Blog – Teen Christina gives the real deal of what driver training is like with Young Drivers in her own voice.  It’s not just her going through the experience-her mom and dad are along for the ride too.  Mom Trina shares her perspective.

My First In-Class Lesson with Young Drivers

Mom vs. dad in the Passenger Seat

Excited For In-Car Lesson

The Ontario G1 Test

Receiving my G1 – How Receiving My G1 Made My Parents Realize I’m Not A Kid Anymore

  Mom Trina talks:

Safety tips for young drivers getting their license

What my daughter’s driving school, Young Drivers, taught her mom

teen driverDriver Training: Why It Matters – Interview with teen driver Simon Rosien from Kitchener, Ontario

Hannah Crop 3 March 19 2013 copyDriving School Toronto Review – Review by Toronto driving school student Hannah

Nolie’s Place – Challenging your driving fears isn’t easy. Follow the amazing ups and downs of military wife and mom Nolie who starts her driving journey…again and gets her driving confidence back.

Beginning My Driving Journey….Again

On the Road Again With Young Drivers of Canada

Mommy Can You Drive Now?

Avoided a Car Accident Last Night

Raising my Boys –  Is your teen ready to learn to drive? Young Drivers grad and mom Deborah gives her opinion on the free online Co-Driver program available to YD students’ parents.

Review: Young Drivers of Canada – Online Co-Drivers Program

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