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Contest Alert! WIN 1 of 12 Winter Driving Packages

Contest Alert! WIN 1 of 12 Winter Driving Packages that include Online Tutorial AND In-Car Driving Lessons. ENTER TODAY –>…www.ydwinterdriving.com

winter driving

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Survive the Winter Storm – Emergency Kit Must Haves

winter driving survival tips

winter driving survival tips

The news and weather stations tell you to get ready for the big storm coming our way.  Snowmageddon is nothing a Canadian can’t handle because when you’re prepared, you can feel safer.  What items should be packed in your vehicle that would help you survive and stay alive if you got stuck in your car on the road?

What drivers need in their vehicle emergency kit:

Winter driving survival kit – personal items to keep you alive:

Best winter clothes for survival:

Essential winter gear every driver needs to help them get unstuck:

Watch. Learn. Prepare. Survive.  That is the slogan for the Young Drivers of Canada Winter Driving Challenge video series.  For more information and important videos with life-saving winter tips, please visit Winter Driving Challenge.

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Winter Driving Tips Live!

Winter Driving Tips Live!

With over 25 years of experience as a Young Drivers of Canada Instructor, Scott Marshall shares winter driving lessons with CHCH Morning Live. Watch his tips and learn how to align your headlights, how to boost your car correctly, what to do if your breaks down and more winter driving do’s.

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January 25, 2013 · 10:04 pm

Winter Driving Tip – Clean the Snow Before You Go

So you know when you’re driving and someone in front of you has a mountain of snow on their roof that comes flying right for your windshield?  Beyond annoying right?  Share this video with everyone you know to make our winter drive better.


Click for more winter driving tips

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Survive Winter in Canada on the Roads

Great tips from this video and article on how to handle treacherous winter driving conditions.

Storm aftermath: Icy roads, hydro outages | Ottawa & Region | News | Ottawa Sun.

*Story from Ottawa Sun January 17, 2012

More winter driving tips and winter driving lessons  available from Young Drivers of Canada.


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Driving Test for Winter in Canada – 24 Hour Challenge Video Series

We’re Canadian and we know what winter is all about.  Weather alerts have been popping up across the country with snow pushing into BC, frigid air in the Prairies, messy roads in Ontario and Quebec and flurries on our East Coast.  If we actually did get stuck on the road in our vehicle, what would we do and really need?

Mom and Driving Instructor Rachel Hesson-Bolton put herself  up to the ultimate test to help keep you and your family safe on our roads this winter.   Watch Rachel, who willingly “stuck” herself in her vehicle in -16°C weather for 24 hours, test the items in her kit with mixed results. You’ll be surprised that a lot of the items you need you already have at home.

Bottom line is –  If you don’t have a kit packed, what do you really need to get in that trunk that will work?  Better to have something in your vehicle then to be wishing you did have a kit when you’re stuck.  Remember it gets cold.  It gets cold really fast. If you already have items in your emergency kit, good to check out the series and learn the #1 must-have item and pull Rachel’s final emergency kit checklist to compare.

Families in mind, the kit will  fit in your vehicle and the episodes are all less than a couple minutes each. 

Watch, learn, laugh and prepare with the videos & checklist here: https://www.yd.com/24HourChallenge.aspx

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Winter Driving Video: What to do if your car gets stuck in the snow

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